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Multigrain Bag bundle

Multigrain Bag bundle

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With urbanization the life style has been changed from active to sedate living. Wheat Roti (bread, chapati) is the main food of sub continent. It used to be from whole grain wheat but gradually instead of adding more fiber to reduce its caloric value according to activity it is now refined white flour almost devoid of fiber. This is creating huge negative impact.

The ideal solution is to prepare a multigrain flour / Gluten Free flours as under

1. Wheat less than 50%
2. Quinoa. At least 20%
3. Barley, oat, pearl millet, sorghum, gram (20-30%). 
4. Moringa, flaxseed (1-5%)

Prepared under supervision of Dr. Shahzad Basra
For ready pure Moringa, Multigrain flour, Gluten Free Flour, Quinoa, Oat, Barley,
Chickpea, Flaxseed, Gurr, Stevia, Honey, you can book your order from VIRSA.

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