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Virsa Multigrain Flour -5kg

Rs.1,750.00  Rs.1,900.00

Moringa Leaves Powder 200g

Rs.1,000.00  Rs.1,200.00

Chia Seeds - 200g

Rs.1,100.00  Rs.1,200.00

Moringa Capsules (90 capsules x 1g)

Rs.1,050.00  Rs.1,200.00

watch_later Sold Out

Apple Cider Vinegar

Rs.1,050.00  Rs.1,200.00

Quiona Grain 500g

Rs.899.00  Rs.1,200.00

Virsa Organic Stevia -100g

Rs.1,300.00  Rs.1,450.00

Virsa Low-Carb Flour (Sugar Free) 2kg

Rs.900.00  Rs.1,000.00

Gluten Free Flour - 2kg

Rs.900.00  Rs.950.00

Moringa Tea -24 Tea bags

Rs.650.00  Rs.750.00

Moringa Roots Pickle 350g - مورنگا اچار

Rs.720.00  Rs.850.00

Virsa Multigrain Flour -2kg

Rs.800.00  Rs.850.00

Multigrain Bag bundle

Rs.3,300.00  Rs.3,500.00

Turmeric-Haldi – 500g

Rs.850.00  Rs.950.00

watch_later Sold Out

Honey – 400g (بیری کا شہد)

Rs.1,500.00  Rs.1,600.00

Shilajit - Pure Natural Shilajit

Rs.1,200.00  Rs.1,500.00

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