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Pumpkin Seeds [کدو کے بیج] 160g

Pumpkin Seeds [کدو کے بیج] 160g

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  • Excellent Value Pumpkin Seeds
  • High in Fiber, Protein & Essential Fatty Acids
  • Rich Source of Minerals including Iron, Zinc & Magnesium
  • Great for Baking, Cereals, Soup Toppers & Homemade Granola


WEIGHT LOSS & DIGESTION: Pumpkin Seeds are very Dense and Heavy Foods that help you keep satiated for a Longer Period.

SKIN & HAIR BENEFITS: Pumpkin Seeds have Vitamin A and Zinc which Helps to Reduce Redness and Prevent Premature Skin Aging. 

IMPROVE HEART & BONE HEALTH: Nutrients (High Fibre) in Pumpkin Seeds Helps to keep your Heart Healthy by Reducing Blood Pressure and Increasing Good Cholesterol.

HIGH MAGNESIUM: Very Good for Health because it has High Magnesium.

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